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The encyclopedia of small-scale Richmond urbanism.

It feels like there are about a million and a half projects going on in Richmond right now, doesn’t it? But what about all the little, small-scale neighborhood nuisances? Stuff like the intersection near your house with no crosswalks, the road on the way to work without a bike lane, basically all of Scott’s Addition and its lack of sidewalks. No one person could keep track of all the millions of tiny things that need to be fixed—and I say that as a guy who spends his free time voluntarily putting stuff like that into his brain! It’s all very unfortunate because these small things make a practical difference to the lives of folks living nearby.

What we need is, to borrow a term from the productivity world, an external brain—a place where we can collectively document the shitty things in our neighborhoods that bother us. This is that thing..

Below, you'll find a small, incomplete list of things in need of fixing. Get yourself an account and read about how to get started! Or jump right into some open tasks.


🚲 Bikes

🛣 Streets & Traffic

🏬 Development



Kudos & Thank yous: Things that are being or have been fixed