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Vision Zero is a multinational road traffic safety project that began in Sweden in 1997 and aims to achieve a highway system with no fatalities or serious injuries in road traffic. In Richmond, we want to see the creation of our own Vision Zero program with the goal of achieving zero traffic deaths and serious injuries in road traffic by the year 2030. This goal would be achieved through a combination of engineering, law enforcement, emergency response, and education.

Possible Priority Areas[edit]

These are areas that, based on looking at fatal crash maps (listed in the resources at the bottom of the page), for clusters of deadly crashes or strings of them along a single roadway. A formal study, that includes crashes with serious injuries may find other areas that could be as important or better, but as citizens trying to figure out what to lobby for, it's a first pass at picking some spots. There may be areas that FEEL less safe than these areas or that have a lot a lot more minor crashes than these areas, but this list is aiming for areas with fatalities.

City of Richmond[edit]


  • U.S. Hwy 301 (Jefferson Davis Hwy)
  • Forest Hill Ave. & Powhite Pkwy Intersection
  • I-95 at the James River
  • I-95 and Boulevard Intersection (possibly has been improved with big VDOT I-95 bridges project)


  • Area near Interstate 64/95 & Boulevard Intersection -- See above, high motor vehicle deaths in this area as well.
  • 14th St.
  • Area near Walmsley and Broad Rock Intersection
  • Area near Hull and Warwick Intersection -- Site of a Dec. 2016 pedestrian fatality.
  • Chamberlayne Ave. north of Brookland Park Blvd. -- Site of a May 2017 pedestrian fatality.
  • Maury / Brander under I-95 and near the floodwall?
  • Broad and Staples Mill -- Location of a Pulse station and site of a Jan. 2017 pedestrian fatality.


According to Virginia DMV reports, Richmond had no fatal bicycle crashes within the city limits from 2013 to 2016. Prior to that, the city had one or two fatal crashes per year. The one fatal bicycle crash in 2017 was around the 1600 block of Hopkins Rd.




  • Broad and Willow Lawn Intersection -- Could get worse when it becomes the destination for the Pulse bus!
  • West Broad -- site of a July 2017 pedestrian fatality
  • S. Laburnum near Nine Mile
  • Brook Rd. / U.S. Hwy 1 north of Parham


  • West Broad



Non-fatal crashes, Non-life-threatening crashes i.e. important but a lower priority for Vision Zero


Local Information[edit]

City Council Resolution

VA DMV crash information

Smart Growth America Dangerous by Design Pedestrian Crash Death Information -- local information found under "Interactive Maps" and "Metro Data"

Metrocosm 2004 - 2013 Crash Death map

Pedestrian/Cyclist Deaths by Motor Vehicle in 2017

General Vision Zero Guidance[edit]

Moving from Vision to Action Guide on key elements of implementing Vision Zero

Why Sweden Has So Few Road Deaths

U.S. Cities Want to Totally End Traffic Deaths -- But There Have Been a Few Speed Bumps

Vision Zero Initiative Promotional site for Sweden and Swedish businesses involved in vision zero