Useful bike wayfinders

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Bike way finder signs.jpeg

I was in D.C., surrounded by bike shares, and saw a bunch of these. Do we have these? They seem so super useful for visitors on bikes (or bike shares).

Yes, we do have these.[edit]

There's one, for example, westbound on Riverside Drive between Reedy Creek and 42nd St. that indicates it's 1.5 miles to the Boulevard Bridge and 5 miles to Pony Pasture. On Franklin, in front of the Main Library, there's one to indicate that it's a half mile further east to downtown. There's another northbound on Hermitage, just north of Brookland Parkway, with the distances to Bryan Park and to Henrico County. Other places where I recall seeing them (but don't remember exactly where) include Riverside west of Pony Pasture, Dock St., and Cannon Creek Greenway.