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Citywide, anywhere a tree has had to be removed but a new tree has not yet come to replace it


Richmond has built many nice spaces in amongst the sidewalks for trees to be planted. But for various reasons, like when a tree has to go before it's seasonally a good idea to replace it, these tree wells are not always full of tree.

During these times, they're just sad little patches of dirt that at best are boring and at worst are hazards to unsuspecting pedestrians that trip into them in the rain and get all covered in mud and then are very upset and/or dirty.

Let's think of some temporary things we can do with our tree wells when they are in between trees! Ideally, things that we do with tree wells should be:

  • Temporary and easy to remove. Even if a well has sat empty for some time, in most cases the eventual goal is for a nice new tree to go in, so anything we do in these things should be such that nobody's feelings will be hurt if a crew shows up unannounced and blesses a well with a tree.
  • Non-destructive. Given that, we should take care to protect the soil in the well itself. Maybe it would be cool to fill a tree well with glitter, but this would be bad because it could make it much harder to get a tree to live in it.


Wildflower Bombs[edit]

So what if we just dug up the soil a little bit and spread annual wildflower seeds in hopes that they'll grow?

Small, unstructured wildflower plantings in empty tree wells would:

  • Provide nice splashes of color close to the ground
  • Help stabilize the soils
  • Give some habitat for cool bugs
  • Be easy to remove to plant a new tree at any time
What's the deal with these wild-looking flowers at Lee Circle?[edit]

Taken on the northwest corner of the circle. I wonder if these are Officially Supported flowers? If they're officially sanctioned, they might be a good choice for tree wells? Maybe they're in the city's plan for that circle, which I know exists somewhere...

File:Lee Circle Roundabout Plans.pdf

Wild-looking flowers at Lee Circle.jpeg


  • Who's a good Smart Plant Person that could tell us what and when to plant for maximum success?
  • Would Azalea Garden Center or Lowe's or wherever donate native plants that they were planning to throw away for this usage? Or maybe we could talk to the Garden Club of Virginia?
  • Ooooo, or maybe local gardens would just, like, give us some plants?