Plywood bus benches

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The Problem[edit]

A bunch of bus stops have exactly zero street furniture. This sucks, and it would be great to have a place to sit while waiting for your bus.

The Solution[edit]

Plywood bench.jpeg

These snap-together benches are awesome! What if we adopted bus stops with no benches and guerilla'd them two of these Greenline Benches?

They're cheap and would be easy to transport to a bus stop—but we'd need to find someone it's a CNC router that could handle a sheet of plywood.


  • Zip file of cad drawings to create the benches
  • "talk to Steve at Custom Engraving & Signs, up off Staples Mill, 804-545-3961. He just did some furniture plywood for me." [1]
  • "my dad diiiid but sold that biznass but maybe they could? Karn custom woodwork on chamberlayne" [2]
  • may have a big enough CNC router.



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