Pedestrian/Cyclist Deaths by Motor Vehicle in 2017

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City of Richmond (partial list, 2016 to today)[edit]

# Date Time Victim Age Location Mode Notes
2017.5 6-9-2017 6:00 AM Richard K. Priebe 74 W. Main at Vine On foot runner crossing Main at Vine, hit by a truck travelling down Main[1]
2017.4 6-4-2017 5:00 PM David Coley 48 1400 block of Chamberlayne On foot Struck by a northbound motorcycle while crossing the Chamberlayne. Investigation continuing but no charges expected.[2]
2017.3 5-12-2017 10:30 PM Donald C. Cordell 55 3000 block of Chamberlayne On foot Victim ran across roadway near his home. No charges expected.[3]
2017.2 4-28-2017 10:39 PM John H. Shelton Jr. 69 1600 block of Hopkins Road Bicycle "The vehicle that struck Shelton, an Oldsmobile sedan, was traveling westbound in the 1600 block of Hopkins Road, and had the right-of-way, when Shelton attempted to cross Hopkins Road on his bicycle and was struck by the vehicle." No charges expected.[4]
2017.1 1-12-2017 8:10 PM Sharon P. Parker 44 Broad Street & Chantilly Street On foot After dark. No charges expected.[5]
2016.3 12-14-2016 5:30 PM Betty A. McMillan 74 5200 block of Hull St. Rd. On foot Neighbors would like light there. [6]
2016.2 08-26-2016 9:15 PM Cassandra D. Gordon 43 Forest Hill Ave. & Cherokee Rd. On foot No charges expected [7]
2016.1 04-23-2016 1:00 AM Wilson I. Herrarte-Barahonaman 19 S. Belvidere & Cumberland On foot "Investigators say a group of pedestrians crossed the street despite a red traffic signal." [8]

Neighboring Counties: Chesterfield & Henrico (partial list, 2016 to today)[edit]

# Date Time Victim Age County Location Mode Notes
2017.8 6-21-2017 11:00 AM  ???  ?? Henrico Mechanicsville Turnpike and Bloom Ln. or Magnolia St. Bicycle Person on bicycle was attempting to cross Mechanicsville Turnpike when hit by southbound truck [9]
2017.7 5-15-2017 10:49 PM Robert Verstreate 54 Chesterfield Hull and Turner On foot Man crossing Hull at Turner struck by Toyota Tundra. Driver was uninjured, stayed at the scene, and has not been charged.[10] [11]
2017.6 5-06-2017 2:05 AM James Joyce Jr. 37 Henrico Williamsburg Road near Aspen Shades Parkway On foot Westbound police car hits two pedestrians headed eastbound in westbound lane[12]
2017.5 5-06-2017 2:05 AM Mary Babcock 36 Henrico Williamsburg Road near Aspen Shades Parkway On foot Westbound police car hits two pedestrians headed eastbound in westbound lane[13]
2017.4 4-27-2017 12:00 AM Janet Labree 56 Chesterfield southbound I-95, around mile marker 64.2, near Route 288 On foot Crossing highway, hit by more than one tractor trailer, possibly suicide [14]
2017.3 4-23-2017 10:25 PM Manny DeJesus 24 Henrico 10200 block of Patterson Avenue On foot Dejesus was walking eastbound on Pattterson, wearing dark clothing and was hit from behind. Driver drove away and later claimed she thought she hit a deer.[15]
2017.2 1-14-2017 11:45 PM Lopez Marcos 37 Chesterfield 7500 block Midlothian Turnpike On foot Teens racing cars[16]
2017.1 1-12-2017 6:40 PM Corker J. Bacote 59 Henrico Nine Mile & Forest Ave. On foot Hit by two vehicles, one which left scene[17]
2016.3 10-27-2016 7:00 AM Luis Franco 82 Henrico Quioccasin Road near Westridge Road On foot "speed and alcohol were not considered factors in the crash" [18]
2016.2 5-03-2016 10:15 PM  ???  ?? Henrico Nine Mile & Eastgate Blvd. On foot "Man was wearing all black" [19]
2016.1 03-12-2016 7:00 PM  ???  ?? Chesterfield 7200 block Midlothian Turnpike On foot [20]


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Applicable ordinances and resolutions[edit]

RES. 2016-R011 aka Richmond's Vision Zero resolution[edit]

WHEREAS, the Council also believes that it is in the best interest of the residents of the city of Richmond that the Council support the development of a Vision Zero program in the City of Richmond with the goal of reducing traffic fatalities and serious injuries in road traffic to zero by the year 2030 and that the Council request that the Chief Administrative Officer cause the Department of Planning and Development Review, the Department of Police, and the Department of Public Works to each formulate a comprehensive plan designed to achieve this goal;[21]


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