Make the Route 10 Great Again

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GRTC Route 10 Riverview.png
What if we adopted every bus stop south of Broad Street and made sure the had humane conditions: A place to sit, a map of the routes, nice landscaping, maybe distance-based wayfinding signs? This project could combine a lot of the little ideas we've had.
Bus stops on the 10 south of Broad.

Why the 10[edit]

  1. Well, it's short.
  2. It runs through both Randolph and the Fan / VCU which makes it a pretty diverse route.
  3. It's short. There are a bout 40 bus stops south of Broad.

Things to consider[edit]

  1. The 10 is likely to be rerouted and become the 78 when the Transit Network Plan happens.
  2. It's going to be an hourly route, which means it will get relatively low use, compared to other routes. Every half-hour routes may be more fruitful because they will be too infrequent for GRTC to devote a lot of resources to but frequent enough to have riders who would appreciate nicer stops. The new route 13 (Oakwood Cemetary to Church Hill to Shockhoe Bottom) would another possible route to try this on.
  3. Some of the stops are more important than others. GRTC has statistics on boardings per stop somewhere, but there is non GRTC use too. Colorado next to Maymont Elementary is the bus stop for school buses and has a lot of parents and kids waiting at it.
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GRTC new routes with the 10 changed and renumbered as the 78