Jefferson park south

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The Problem[edit]

The South-facing part of Jefferson Park, Marshall Street between Cedar St and 20th St, is often overgrown, which causes cars to park farther from the curb than they should. These cars then impede the flow of traffic, creating a bottleneck on the 2-way street.

The Solution[edit]

Option 1: Regularly-scheduled mowing of that piece of the park.

Option 2: Mowing lottery for those who park their cars there. If your plate is on the block, you are entered in the weekly drawing of names to pick up your mowers and weed whackers and get to work.

Option 3: Why not make this street one way heading East? It makes a lot of sense, as it's always tough for two-way traffic to get by on that road. AND the intersection of 21st and Marshall/Jefferson would be safer.