Forest Hill bicycle busting park bench

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The park bench for the bus stop on the north side of Forest Hill Avenue near Roanoke blocks the sidewalk. This stretch of Forest Hill has a lot of bicycles on the sidewalk because...

The bench on the sidewalk is difficult to see at night.
  1. The bike lane on Forest Hill Ave. disappears a block west of there and doesn't reappear until Semmes because Forest Hill Ave. narrows at Reedy Creek.
  2. Riding on the sidewalk is relatively safe there because it is in front of the park, and there are no driveways or cross streets that cars drive across.
  3. Riding on the street is relatively unsafe there. Traffic backs up at the bottleneck where the road narrows. Drivers get impatient and aren't especially cautious when they are able to move.

The bench is a problem because...

  1. It narrows the sidewalk, making it difficult for people traveling in opposite directions to pass each other, or for anyone to give someone sitting at the stop adequate personal space.
  2. At night, it's nearly invisible, creating a hazard for bicyclists to run into.


Move the bench back three feet, so it is off the sidewalk and in the park.

Do NOT create the ridiculous arrangement, like there is across the street, where the bench is moved three feet closer to the road and is nearly impossible to sit on without climbing over the armrest or walking into the road.

If you sit on this bench, watch your knees and feet, so they don't get hit by motor vehicles.