Byrd Park thoroughfare

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Hwy 161 and Hwy 10, also known in places as Hermitage, Boulevard, Blanton, Park Dr., the Nickel Bridge, Westover Hills, Belt Blvd., and Broad Rock, combine to form one of just a handful of direct north-south connectors in the city to get from south border to the north border.

For the mile or so of Boulevard, Blanton and Park that goes through Byrd Park, traffic going north or south does not need to stop at all. For much of the Byrd Park section, it has a 35 mph speed limit.

Traffic going 35 mph down the middle of the park with no stops makes it difficult to walk or bicycle across the park, making the park less usable as a park. Essentially the Carillon and Dogwood Dell side of the park are one park and the lakes, fitness course, and Maymont side of the park are separate park.

An especially challenging place to cross on foot is just north of the Nickel Bridge, where the sidewalk switches from one side of the road to another, and the road widens out be five lanes at the toll booth.