Brookland Parkway Car Blockers

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This is some concrete things keeping cars out of the bike lane.
This is a bunch of plants keeping cars out of the bike lane.

From Facebook:

I count 10 intersections that the buffered bike lane crosses between Hermitage and Brook (both sides of the road).


I think a large concrete planter, clearly marked and made reflective, added to the buffer immediately after each intersection would go a LONG way toward educating drivers not to drive in the bike lane/forcing them to move to the travel lane as soon as they enter Brookland Parkway.

How much could that cost? Less than $10,000, I'd guess. And they could look cool.

Free concrete planters[edit]

Concrete planters on Broad.jpeg

These planters at Broad and Monroe will need to go once BRT come through—it's median running at that point. Let's put them on Brookland Parkway!