14th and Dock

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The Problem[edit]

Turning left from Dock on to Mayo Bridge

Vehicles turning from Dock St. onto the Mayo Bridge do not yield to pedestrians. The crosswalk is far back from the intersection, beyond where drivers would ordinarily expect it to be, so they may not even see pedestrians. Because it is a T intersection for drivers, pedestrians coming from the Canal Walk, west of the intersection, are unexpected.

The Solutions[edit]

Option 1: Ban pedestrians from crossing there. Put markers on the ground, directing pedestrians to go under 14th St. on the Canal Walk instead.


  • When followed, completely removes the conflict and danger for pedestrians


  • Forces pedestrians to walk much further to get across the street.
  • Many pedestrians will ignore signs and cross at street level anyway. If they get hit, they would take the blame for the city's poor design.
  • Perceived and actual safety issues of going under 14th St., especially during times of year when homeless people live under the roads on the Canal Walk.

Option 2: Provide a pedestrian-only phase in the stop light signal


  • Pedestrians can go where they want to go, without having to detour


  • People will run out of patience for the light to change and cross without a pedestrian signal. If they get hit, they would take the blame for the city's poor design
  • Slows traffic